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  • Hilgers Graben Announces “Hometown Program” – An Initiative To Bring Big Law Attorneys To Smaller Communities

    Hilgers Graben is excited to announce the creation of a first-of-its-kind “Hometown Program” to help large law firm attorneys find ways to reclaim work-life balance by returning to their hometowns or working in smaller communities—while keeping higher salaries, working on nationwide cases, and with a talented team of former big law attorneys and judicial clerks.

    Over the last 10 years, Hilgers Graben has been a pioneer in using geographic arbitrage to help clients and its teammates. Using its hub-and-spoke model, the firm leverages low-cost locations to handle nationwide litigation and discovery matters for companies around the country. With its primary location in Lincoln, Nebraska, its model allows the firm to drive down legal costs significantly while utilizing the same quality of lawyers found at large law firms in major cities. For attorneys, especially those who work in Lincoln, it allows for a greater lifestyle balance—losing the long commutes and challenges of large metro areas while enjoying top-of-market salaries.

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  • Hilgers Graben COVID-19 Announcement — Contributing To Our Communities And Helping Our Clients

    Read how the firm is reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak, contributing to our community and helping our clients.

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