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Our Expert Review Team can Manage your Discovery Pain Points


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Here is what we consistently hear from clients and our law firm partners:

How can we get a higher quality and more efficient document review?  How can we better use the technology available to us?  And most importantly, how can we tackle the cost of review while making sure we get value for every dollar spent?

We have created Discovery 3.0 — combining expert attorneys, workflows and technologies, and industry best practices to help manage one of the highest cost, highest frustration aspects of complex litigation.

Let our discovery counsel help solve your pain points:

Is your review team filled with unknown attorneys who may not stay on during the course of the review? Our teammates are W-2 attorney-employees who have in many cases worked with us for years, and gain valuable insight and knowledge into your operations, leading to lower cost and higher quality.

Is your lead trial team bogged down with the minutiae of managing your review teams? Our experienced trial attorneys manage our teams and take those headaches (and costs) out of the equation.

Are you frustrated by uncertain work product and opaque processes? Our battle-tested workflow gives predictable results and work product.

Concerned about trusting sensitive and mission-critical documents to an unknown set of attorneys? Our teams have been trusted on some of the most sensitive, complex, high-exposure cases in the country.

Worried that your lawyers don’t fully take advantage of the technology available to them, or that you’re overpaying for technology that doesn’t get used? Our team knows the tools we need and how to use them for maximum efficiency.

Worried that your trial team and review teams won’t sync? We have worked with and gained the trust of senior trial teams at the largest and most prestigious litigation firms in the country, and we know how to work with and help the best teams in the industry.

Want to help manage the frustration of discovery? Contact us today at [email protected].