At Hilgers Graben, our extraordinarily high retention rate isn’t just a matter of blind luck, but an intentional part of our model.


Here are just three (of many) reasons:


  • Our system grants attorneys a sophisticated practice at a sustainable pace. At the highest levels, litigation and discovery require a lot of dedication and hard work, but our business model doesn’t rely on an army of people billing 2200 hours to be successful. The flexibility allows us to get great work from our team without the associated burnout.


  • We offer our attorneys a chance to build their own practices. When everyone has the same high, Am Law 50 rate structure (with rates frequently over $1,000 / hour in many cases), it is hard to build your own practice. At HG, our unique model delivers Big Law quality without the high rate structure, so our attorneys aren’t priced out of the market.


  • We focus on culture. Our first core value is “no jerks,” which means we take on hard cases but treat one another with respect and authentically build relationships.


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