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When a client purchases complex legal services, what they really need is legal expertise, the necessary lawyers at the ready to handle a potential surge in work, and the critical support systems (e.g. paralegals, security, and the like) around those lawyers. Traditional big law firms (i.e., AmLaw 100 or 200 firms that have the deep bench and systems to deliver on complex litigation and discovery needs) are the primary provider of these services. However, Big Law also has to account for legacy computer systems, high recruiting costs, immense office space costs, and a profits-per-partner system that drives big cost increases.

At Hilgers Graben, we have the same expertise and teams of attorneys. But because our cost model is different, our pricing is different. We don’t have to grapple with the legacy systems or real estate burden of Big Law. And given our hub and spoke system, what costs we do share with Big Law – costs for attorney talent, support systems, and the like – are often at much lower price points than larger firms. That enables us to deliver the same trial tested lead counsel, attorney bench strength, and support systems, at a fraction of the cost.

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