While Hilgers Graben may differ from Big Law in matters like rates and spending, there are several ways we are similar when it comes to complex litigation.

  1. Seasoned Trial Veterans

One of the biggest challenges for clients with complex litigation needs is finding lead lawyers who have tried cases before a judge and/or jury. With the increasing number of cases that settle and the difficulty newer lawyers face in getting trial experience, this critical trait is hard to come by.

At Hilgers Graben, we have lawyers with significant trial experience – in both supportive and lead trial counsel roles. In fact, we have a group of National Trial Lawyers – experienced attorneys who have stood up in court and told persuasive, winning arguments to judges and juries. These lawyers—Alec Schultz, Mike Merriman, Alice LaCour, and Grant Schmidt—have dozens of trials between them and can take on cases with the highest of stakes.

  1. Nationwide Reach

Large and medium-sized cases often span the country. A company sued in Texas may have documents, witnesses, and custodians at its home office in San Diego. And depositions in Florida or Chicago may be required. When a lead law firm does not have lawyers on the ground to help seamlessly handle issues arising in multiple states, clients will need to hire local law firms to add to the team. That increases cost and expense, not to mention additional administrative hassle.

At Hilgers Graben, we have nationwide reach and can handle a host of different trial issues and needs around the country. We are on the ground in 15 states and can practice in over half of the states in the country, including Hawaii.

  1. Capacity to Scale

Many litigation matters can (and should) be tackled by a lean, experienced team. Even decent-sized cases – with over seven figures at issue – can be run well with two more senior lawyers handling the day-to-day work.

But many cases experience large surges of work in which two lawyers are simply not enough. The end of discovery (with the need to complete depositions, respond to final discovery requests, resolve court battles, and prepare for possible summary judgment motions) and trial are two common “surge” periods that require extra capacity.

At Hilgers Graben, we have that litigation team. While we like to staff leanly, with nearly 40 people, from lead trial lawyers to paralegals, we have the depth to assist in those moments when more attorney-power is needed.

To summarize, our team at Hilgers Graben can provide the same complex litigation resources and services that are often offered by Big Law: battle-tested attorneys who have been to trial and can work cases up from filing to verdict and beyond, a nationwide reach that allows for coast-to-coast coverage, and a built-in capacity to scale in terms of the available resources in the litigation and eDiscovery realms. Yet these similar services are offered at a fraction of the standard cost given the very little overhead, strategic organization, efficiencies (and lean staffing) across discovery and trial teams, an ability to curb spending, and other common sense business practices. For more, check out www.hilgersgraben.com or email us at [email protected].