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Michael Kuzma

Michael Kuzma

Senior Counsel
Discovery & Corporate
Lincoln Office

1320 Lincoln Mall, Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508

Michael Kuzma


Michael leads the HG Edge antitrust and foreign language e-discovery practices. Throughout his career, Michael has led and managed Japanese e-discovery teams in complex antitrust cases including the unprecedented In Re Auto Parts Antitrust Litigation MDL, which recovered more than $1.2 billion in settlements for victims of a long-running price-fixing, bid-rigging, and market allocation conspiracies throughout the global auto parts industry. Emerging from the largest criminal antitrust investigation in U.S. history, it included 41 separate actions against more than 160 defendants, each involving different auto parts, different anticompetitive agreements, different conspirators, and different timelines. Michael worked on every aspect of the extensive factual discovery on the case including managing the first level Japanese language document review teams, document collection and production, and deposition prep and support in the US and Japan. He now uses this knowledge and experience to add significant value to investigations and complex litigation with foreign language data and discovery issues.

Prior to practicing law, Michael was selected to the Japanese Ministry of Education’s JET Program where he earned an Advanced Japanese Linguistics certificate and afterwards worked at the State of Nebraska Office of Economic Development managing the state’s trade office in Tokyo, Japan and was instrumental in establishing Nebraska’s trade office in Shanghai, China.

Because he started his career in a transactional role and studied real estate while on the JET Program, Michael maintains a real estate and business law practice serving local businesses with business entity structuring and real estate acquisitions, dispositions, and leasing. Michael’s notable real estate clientele include commercial real estate brokers, Embassy Pointe Capital, 4D Investments, and KL Capital.

After many years living in Japan, Michael now resides in Omaha with his wife and dogs.