EDGE Document Review and E-Discovery Specialists

Our Expert EDGE Team Can Slice The Cost Of Document Review Up To 70%

Here is what we consistently hear from clients and our law firm partners:

How can we get a higher quality and more efficient document review?  How can we better use the technology available to us?  And most importantly, howe can we drive down the cost of review while making the expense more predictable?

Introducing HG EDGE, a Revolution in Document Review.

Over the last several years, our team has worked together to answer these questions and meet the marketplace need for a higher quality, higher value document review team. Our skilled and trained review team has been trusted with handling document reviews in numerous high-profile, sensitive, and high-exposure cases, including matters with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. Our team is made up of talented attorneys, trained on a sophisticated technology platform, and utilizing proprietary workflows and techniques, to bring you a first-class document review service at a substantially lower cost than typically found anywhere else.

To learn more, email us at info@hilgersgraben.com or go to hgedge.com.