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Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis

Senior Counsel
Rachel Lewis


With more than a decade providing client-specific strategic solutions and managing matters involving complex discovery and litigation preparation, Rachel is known for expertise in subject matter analysis and superior thought leadership in strategically planning, designing, and executing large scale end-to-end multilevel workflows. Rachel has substantial experience leveraging technology and human resources to deliver efficient and effective results throughout the life cycle of a case, providing guidance and counsel on all aspects of discovery, including data preservation and collection, early case assessment, comprehensive managed review, analytics, TAR, privilege reviews and logging, privacy and HIPAA compliance, and production.

Rachel routinely advises clients on data analytics, preservation, TAR, threading, search term negotiations, drafting and defending privilege logs, negotiating ESI protocols, Protective Orders, Clawback Orders, and participates in 26(f) conferences.

Outside of the law, Rachel maintains an active hatha yoga practice and teaches Yoga ShapeShifting at Be Yoga Andersonville in Chicago. She is also a Board member for Yoga Recovery Pittsburgh.