The Big Firm Realities

Excessive Overhead

BigLaw's average overhead per attorney – not including salary – is estimated at $185,000.

Rate Increases

Over the past several years, BigLaw has raised rates an average of 3.0% , even though our country was in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Diminished Value

An hour of legal time costs 65% more than it did a decade ago, despite the fact that inexperienced junior associates are doing a larger share of the work.

The Hilgers Graben Difference

The Problem

BigLaw has “commoditized” legal services by “leveraging” inexperienced junior associates, so clients are getting lower quality work at a higher price tag.
BigLaw is big and layered in bureaucracy, resulting in a myriad of unclearable conflicts and inflexible fee arrangements.
Small law firms are unable to “ramp up” their capacity for complex litigation matters that temporarily demand more attorneys, support staff, and resources.

Our Solution

Every Hilgers Graben attorney has substantive experience and charges less per hour than 4th year associates at mega-law firms. Clients can expect top-tier attorneys with BigLaw credentials to do the work at small firm prices.
At Hilgers Graben, our focus is on providing top-tier legal services that also meet our client’s financial needs, and we rarely have conflicts.
Hilgers Graben maintains strategic partnerships with AmLaw 100 firms, and we employ additional attorneys with AmLaw 100 experience on reduced work schedules. When necessary, clients can count on quality attorneys with substantive experience to step in at a moment’s notice and perform top-notch work under the direct supervision of our full-time attorneys.